Cypress Trail Hideout has a past that begins with General Sam Houston and his Texas Army. On March 22nd in the year 1836, General Houston’s army camped in the Cypress area on their way to Harrisburg prior to the Battle of San Jacinto. At the time, the Hempstead Wagon Trail was part of the largest trail ride in the world. Originally, it allowed anyone to traverse the countryside in search of a new destination. Cypress Trail Hideout is full of rich history that defined the legacy of Cypress Texas and those devoted to preserving its history. The CTH building is actually the original homestead in Old Town Cypress. The property is shaded with large old Oak and Pecan trees. The main dining room is the footprint of the Arthur and Gertrude Nitsch’s home. It was always our priority to ensure the home remained at the heart of the restaurant expansion.

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When searching for the perfect fare to serve to the Cypress community, we were fortunate to find Pappa Charlies Barbecue. Wes Jurena of PCBBQ is an award winning Pit Master that values the integrity of slow and low perfection; this is why his smoked meats are incredible. Cypress Trail Hideout welcomes each person into the heart of its home… Serving true Texas BBQ, hideout favorites, craft beers, local/branded spirits and interesting wines... You can think of CTH + PCBBQ as “slow food” joint versus a “fast food” place; we’re okay with that reputation. We will never serve day old BBQ which is why WE RUN OUT. We use Post Oak to slow smoke our meats. The wood you see outside isn’t just for decoration, we use it! You will see that there are no gas lines running to our smoke house out back. The meats we serve are truly labor of slow & low Texas love!

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Wes Jurena (The Pit-Master), grew up in South Texas. He and his father Charlie, would never pass up an opportunity to try any of the low & slow que they could find across the state. The passion for great BBQ became an obsession and it ultimately drove Wes to start competing. He had a natural taste for perfection and it wasn’t long before this led to him opening the first Pappa Charlies Barbeque back in 2009. Named after his father and hero who passed in 2005, Pappa Charlies Barbeque started in a trailer selling their “que” at local bars, sporting events and festivals. After being approached by the press, media and the die-hard fans of his smoked meats… A brick and mortar concept was an obvious decision. Wes and his son Jared together opened the first Pappa Charlies Barbeque location in 2015 and are now in Cypress, TX where they joined Cypress Trail Hideout to showcase their talents!